Buddy Week 15 Winner!

Everyone Meet Buddy! Congratulations!

I was in my first home since I was a puppy, but as I started to get older, I was too big and played too rough for the little dogs in my house. I also had a bit of a hoarding problem and would get very growly at anyone who would take my toys or special treats away. I was turned over to GRREAT and hoped I would find a home. I went to a foster home that had another male golden that was not quite 3 yet (just like me!) and an older female golden. I had the best time playing with them. I still would growl and snap at them and the people, but I eventually realized that we all got food and there were plenty of toys. I also found that if I gave the ball up, they would throw it and I could run and get it. Wow! I couldn't run a lap around the yard when I got here and now I can keep up with the other dogs. The best thing - they have a goldfish pond, which I would swim in, but I would always get yelled at. One day they put a fence around it and I couldn't swim anymore. But then the pool opened - yippee! I jumped right in! I couldn't understand why the other dogs don't like to swim? They are golden's after all... My foster family (people and dogs) loved me so much I was adopted by them. I now share all my toys and I sleep on the furniture and swim in the pool. I still hoard the tennis balls in my crate, but I won't bite if you try to take one, as long as you throw it to me.

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Natalie Kendall
Natalie Kendall


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